2020 Exhibition

Call for artwork applications for the

2020 neuroscience & art exhibition

2019 exhibition of neuroscience and art at the Charité CrossOver (CCO) building. On display are works by Taylor Smith, Dr. Mateusz Ambrozkiewicz, and Kanos.

Found more time for projects? 

Curious about an emerging science and art scene?

Considering we have more time on our hands to devote to creative endeavours, we are delighted to announce the first call for proposals for the annual EDGE multimedia exhibition, to be held this year in October.

Everyone is invited to apply to exhibit.

Proposal deadline: 31st May, 2020

Exhibition dates: 13th-18th October, 2020

Location: 2 contrasting locations in Berlin TBC

Find out more about EDGE here

How to apply:

Application deadline is May 31st, 23:59. 

Apply here with our online form

Address any questions to info@edge.neuro.art

The application can be in English or German.

The form contains two sections;

  1. Applicant information

If you are applying in a group, please mention contact details of at least one person.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Address
  • Institution, department (if relevant)
  • Previous relevant work- If applicable, either art and/or science

2. Concept

Artwork should communicate about neuroscientific knowledge/research/community or process to be considered in exhibition. Please describe the concept, as well as, the following;

  • Artwork title
  • Methods/materials/dimensions
  • Budget- TBC, please provide a timeline and be as detailed as possible, including max/min budget for specific materials/resources.
  • Statement- What will your piece communicate in- and outside of the scientific and/or artistic community

Apply here with our online form

If you have an idea, but require further support from other fields, please indicate this in your statement and we can connect you with people who could offer support either personally, or during one of our workshops.

We look forward to receiving your applications!

Feel free to direct any questions to info@edge-neuro.art

Artwork by Drew Cooper during 2019 exhibition

Images courtesy of Nailya Bikmurzina 2019