Creativity and Neuroscience Workshop: Art as Research

Art-based research is the use of an artistic process as a form of study. The workshop will begin with Ashley and Liz presenting their work and explaining their personal art-based research methods. It will also investigate new methods for generating, developing, and communicating new ideas by offering practical exercises and a group discussion. In order … Continue reading Creativity and Neuroscience Workshop: Art as Research

Call for Artists open until May, 31st!

Interested in showing your art at the intersection of art and science? Are you a scientist and would like communicate your research in a creative way? Our call for artists for our annual multimedia exhibition is still open until May, 31st! More info here.Exhibition dates: 13th-18th October, 2020Location: 2 contrasting locations in Berlin TBC (due … Continue reading Call for Artists open until May, 31st!

Creativity & Neuroscience Workshop: Spatial Navigation

What is isolation inertia doing to my brain? How are spatial navigation and cognition connected? Why are members of some cultures so good at navigating without compasses or maps? How can creative wayfinding benefit us? In this interactive online workshop, we will explore the art and science of finding our way.  6-8pm May 5th, 2020 … Continue reading Creativity & Neuroscience Workshop: Spatial Navigation

CANCELLED – MindDrawPlay by Georgy Zarubin

Creativity and Neuroscience : Brain Awareness Week 2020 For this months' workshop we invite everyone to experience MindDrawPlay by Georgy Zarubin – a project of experimental interactive audio-visual art. Representing translation of brain waves to drawing, graphical and musical space controls, MindDrawPlay is grown on a base of a research work in the direction of … Continue reading CANCELLED – MindDrawPlay by Georgy Zarubin

Apply for EDGE 2019

CALL FOR SCI-ARTISTS 2019 multimedia exhibition submission EDGE is calling to neuroscientists, artists, designers, inventors, and more to apply to participate in the Berlin multimedia exhibition. Whether incidental or decisive, art in neuroscience is a tool for educating and inspiring, communicating and sharing, for artists and neuroscientists alike. The Berlin multimedia exhibition opening at the … Continue reading Apply for EDGE 2019

Beginning blurring the borders- Edge’s first exhibition summer 2018

Text published in the CNS newsletter in December 2018. The multimedia art exhibition, which featured works from students of the Medical Neurosciences program at the Charité, Max Delbrück centrum Berlin, and fantastic collaborators, was displayed for 3 days at >topLab in Neukölln. There was electricity in the air that mid-July Monday. Those who had braved … Continue reading Beginning blurring the borders- Edge’s first exhibition summer 2018