EDGE – Blurring the Borders Between Art and Neuroscience

We hope that through art, Neuroscience can connect to a wider community, educate and share with creativity, humanise the scientific and research process, and engage with the public.

Creating, educating and sharing.

Meet us for regular workshops @ >top in Neukölln, and exhibitions in Berlin!

Wir sehen Kunst als Möglichkeit, die Neurowissenschaft mit einer breiteren Gesellschaft zu verbinden, diese mit Kreativität zu informieren und inspirieren, und so die Wissenschaft und Forschung zu humanisieren und mit der Öffentlichkeit zu verknüpfen.

Wir veranstalten Workshops in Neukölln @ >top, und Ausstellungen innerhalb Berlin!

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Who are we?

An international group of artist-scientists studying and researching neuroscience in Berlin. A community, with varied perspectives on the intersections between art and neuroscience.

Scientists often see the technical landscape of their experiments and clinical work through abstract visualizations and blends of other sensory experiences. EDGE urges neuroscientists, artists, and the public to humanize the scientist and to explore the border or lack thereof between the fields.

The multi-media exhibitions at the heart of what EDGE is, show art of various artists addressing topics around the brain, from and of neuroscience labs, their members, their motivations, and the research findings, to bridge the divide between the lab bench and the outside world.

Each exhibit presents a personal relationship or unique perspective on neuroscience, exploring inspirations from and motivations for study of the brain. These range from experiences of mental disorders, empathy with patients of epilepsy, acquiring a biological perspective on humans and their personalities, to fascination over the intricate structures and arrangements of neurons and the mathematical relationships of their interactions.

In the future we hope to widen our collaborations to those other stakeholders in neuroscientific process, after all- we all have a brain!

We hope that through art, we can connect to a wider community, educate and share with creativity, humanise the scientific and research process, and engage with the public through art. Creating, educating and sharing.

But most of all we hope you enjoy!

Lots of Love, your EDGE organisers,

Tatiana Lupashina, Amelia Young, Ian Erik Stewart, Corinna Kühnapfel and Emma Damiani


We would like to thank our supporting institutes for their generous sponsorship:

The Bernstein Centre for Computational Neuroscience Berlin


The Einstein Centre for Neurosciences


The Collaborative Research Center SFB1315


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