We can’t make it without you!

What does it mean to be an EDGE member?

Our community is made up of over 100 international and interdisciplinary scientists, artists, and members of the public who regularly participate in our events, including meetups, workshops, and exhibitions. Through our channels, we communicate about funding opportunities, collaborations, projects, skill exchange to make, learn, and grow together. Members have the possibility to propose activities for and with the association or get involved in leadership roles.

How much does it cost to be a member?

Membership fees are 15-25€ for one year – you choose your contribution. Concession price 5€-10€. We will never turn away someone for lack of funds, just let us know!

What does this membership get spent on?

We recognize that transparency in financial matters is crucial for maintaining trust among members and donors. We are a volunteer organization and require support for all our ongoing activities.

Money from memberships just about covers operational, legal and administrative costs now. However, as we grow, we hope to extend that to outreach, publicity, community projects, member benefits, technology and materials we may need to put on projects etc. Watch this space!

What we spend our money on is decided by consensus as we follow a sociocratic model of governance. As a member, you will have a right to vote on this too.

How do I join EDGE Neuroscience & Art e.V. as a member?

Please see the spontaneous application page.

What happens then?

Attend our members meeting to say hello! We have a member’s meeting at 7 pm (online, CEST) on the last Monday of every month. Sign up for our newsletter to receive the Zoom link.

*If you are not yet sure whether our community is for you. Feel free to pop into one of our meetings anyway to say hi!