Join Art Science Organization in Communications 2024!

Have you ever been curious about the inner workings of an art and science association? EDGE Neuroscience & Art is seeking a proactive and passionate member to support the organization’s external and internal communications. This is a volunteer role of approximately 2 hours per week.

The main duties are to create, implement, and oversee communications programs both internally and externally that effectively describe and promote EDGE in a single project team (we call them Circles). EDGE has several ongoing projects and you are invited to join one of them as the “main communications “delegate”.

Although you will be in a team responsible for the following points. You will also be fully supported by the founders in your onboarding for the first months. 

Roles and Reponsibilities

You may be responsible for implementing tasks such as the following. These will change depending on which project you join! It does not mean you need to do them yourself, just that you will be responsible for them being done:

  • Event promotion and marketing Public relations and press releases
  • Maintenance of website including design and content such as blogs
  • Newsletter and announcements
  • Social media posts and strategies
  • Using project management platforms such as Asana
  • Staying within communication guidelines and overseeing the quality of written and visual communication
  • Visual communications and design
  • Working with other circles to ensure consistent communication and scientific/artistic integrity in communications
  • Attending monthly meetings with the rest of the communications team/other circle delegates

If any of the above sounds interesting, don’t hesitate to reach out!

You Need…

  • Passion for not-for-profit organizations on the border of art and science
  • (Desired not required) Some background in marketing, public relations, communications
  • 1-2 hours per week free to volunteer
    • The core team meets every 2 weeks for 1 hour
  • Team spirit and a heart for this growing vibrant community

The current projects that require communication support are:

As mentioned, this is currently a volunteer role. We are still working on creating paid positions within the organization and are happy for you to support this endeavor.

EDGE Neuroscience & Art follows a model of sociocratic governance. This means we have a central “Coordination Circle” made up of leaders of smaller operational “circles”. Each circle has a lead and several members. Each circle has autonomy over its own activities with regular reporting back to the coordination circle from the leaders. 

More about EDGE

We are an international and interdisciplinary group based in Berlin, interested in the art and science of the nervous system. A community, with varied perspectives on the intersections between art and neuroscience. We hope that through art, we can connect to a wider community, educate and share with creativity, humanize the scientific and research process, and engage with the public. In the future, we hope to widen our collaborations with other stakeholders in the neuroscientific process.

The multi-media exhibitions and interdisciplinary workshops are at the heart of what EDGE is. We showcase the art of various artists addressing topics around the brain, from and of neuroscience labs, their members, their motivations, and the research findings, to bridge the divide between the lab bench and the outside world.