EDGE aims to spread the message of creativity in science and share the wonderful brain-inspired works throughout multiple means.

Previously we have provided consulting and artist liaison for conferences and events.

  • INSIGHT Conference 2019 – Integrating science and practice of psychedelic states. Berlin, Sept 5th–7th 2019. Conference Report can be found here.
  • MIND Symposium 2020: “Progress in Bewusstseinskultur” curation of art performance by OATS Collective Amsterdam and artworks by various artists. Berlin, Sept 4th 2020.
  • In collaboration with members of the MIND Foundation, we created the Arts & Culture Section, a space in which members can be inspired and share their creativity. This section meets monthly, to speak about art, initiate collaboration between artists, technologists, and scientists and organize workshops as well as exhibitions around these topics.
  • Workshop “Flow States: The Creative Journey and Psychedelics” at the Pre-conference INSIGHT 2021 (Sept, 9th 2021) with Prof. Dr. Dimitri van der Linden, Robin Arnott, Sandeep Prakash (M.A.), Amelia Young (M.Sc.), and Tatiana Lupashina (M.Sc).
  • INSIGHT Conference 2021, as part of the Arts & Culture Section at MIND Foundation, Sept 9th–12th 2021 .

Please feel free to send an email to info@edge-neuro.art if you would like neuroscience-inspired art at your event.