Dear friends, friends of friends, colleagues, artists and scientists, partners and interested people,

Our exhibition at MIND foundation (OCT 15-18) and Alte Munze (OCT 29-Nov 1) in Berlin is coming closer! You may be as excited as we are already! We created a donation pool for fundraising our upcoming exhibition and would love to show you the above video to give you an impression of our work. Our team works passionately and voluntarily so every bit helps us create a better experience for our visitors and to support our artists:

If you cannot support monetarily at this moment, we are always looking for help in various domains (website, social media, exhibition set-up, photography, workshop speakers, finances and much more)! Please contact us via for more information.

Thank you so much!

Lots of love,
Your EDGE organizers

Video footage by Niko Simkin/Wrangelfilm and @exhal3britney.

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