2019 Exhibition Recap

4 days of exhibition in 2 locations, works from 17 artists and groups displayed, more than 100 attendees, 50 pizzas, and (more than) the required 7 signatures to found an e.V. (eingetragener Verein)!

We are thrilled over how this year’s summer exhibition went, and take it as strong encouragement to do more and bigger in the future! 2020 exhibition will follow our ambitions to grow, and we plan to expand in other regular directions as a club and community.

Join us anytime, as an active member, organiser, supporter, or sponsor! Just email info@edge-neuro.art

In the meantime, here are some photographic impressions taken by Nailya Bikmurzina:

EDGE @ CCO 25-26/7/2019

EDGE @ Heizkraftwerk Steglitz 27-28/7/2019

Many thanks to our sponsors, artists, organisers, and attendees! More to come, looking to the future!

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