Call for Artists

at INSIGHT Conference 2023 – Bridging Therapy, Research, and Society

This is an Open Call for Artists for an In-Conference Exhibition

We are looking for artists who are interested in exhibiting works of all media types related to psychedelic science, research, culture, and/or the psychedelic experience at the INSIGHT conference in Berlin.

About the Conference

INSIGHT will be held from August 31st – September 3rd, 2023 in Berlin. INSIGHT is an interdisciplinary conference that strives to integrate discourses on psychedelics from the natural and social sciences, philosophy and ethics, the arts, and the healthcare industry. At the same time, INSIGHT facilitates a critical discourse on the rationality and ethics in the psychedelic field, its historical roots, and the ideas that drive the current innovations and developments. Read more about the insight conference 2021 here.

About the Exhibition

Our aim is to display and discuss a variety of informative, explorative, and expressive aspects of the contemporary art and culture of psychedelics. An interdisciplinary team of MIND Members from the MIND Foundation Art Section, and EDGE Neuroscience & Art will be curating the art program at the INSIGHT conference 2023 including an exhibition for which we are accepting proposals.

A creative thread runs throughout the rooms, meeting areas, and passageways of the INSIGHT conference to make up the “Exploratorium.” Here, visitors (in-person & digital) can explore art exhibited in different media such as installations, paintings, projections, and performances. We will be able to accept approximately 10 pieces.

About the Application

We are happy to receive submissions for finished (or nearly finished) pieces of all media types. The criteria for submissions are available on the application website. Application deadline March 15th. Applications will be reviewed and applicants will receive feedback by the end of April.

Are you also interested in speaking at the conference?

Artists can also apply as speakers at INSIGHT 2023. There will be talks, panels, posters, and curated symposia. Three tracks in English are completed by a German-language track. Additionally, we have multilingual pre-conference talks that take place online. Learn more and apply here.

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