a 6-Part Workshop Series

About the Series:
Aiming to bridge the artistic community, the neuroscientists, and the general public, EDGE e.V. in collaboration with the MIND Foundation proposes a series of workshops titled Sensoriality: an Immersive Approach to Art and Neuroscience through our Senses.

In this series, artists and neuroscientists make a joint effort to unfold the complexity of our sensory perceptions while at the same time trying to stimulate them. Therefore, artistic references and the artistic practice itself, together with the scientific research and its divulgation are the essential tools offered in this series. The participants can experience how knowledge can be transferred in its natural character- dynamically, where art pieces open a free communication space between the observer and object, and in which their creative skills will be triggered.
Through diverse and immersive sessions, we are going to open up in a playful way space for Science, sensorial perception and creativity, to blur the border between the claimed disciplines.

1st Session: ( 22nd of January) (16.00 -19.00) The senses and the body
2nd Session (5th of February) (16.00 -19.00) Proprioception
3rd Session (19th of February) (16.00 -19.00) Somatosensory perception
4th Session (5th of March) (16.00 -19.00) Olfactory and Gustatory Perception
5th Session (19th of March) (16.00 -19.00) Visual Perception
6th Session (30th of April) (16.00 -19.00) Auditory Perception and Ágape

More information and content on the individual sessions can be found here and in the PDF flyer below.

Tickets can be purchased for events individually, or as a 6-pack. Tickets cover any materials required for the DIY portion of workshops. Reduced price tickets are available.

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