2022 Exhibition

BRAINTouch: Embodiment

02.03.2022 – 06.03.2022
Installations — Talks
Projektraum Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin

BRAINtouch: embodiment presents a scientific-artistic perspective on how we can connect with our brains. Neuroscience-art overcomes the skull through electricity, biology, and sensory experience. Participants take on the role of researchers, experimenting and observing, to become immersed in the science of the brain. With avenues to make the brain ‘touchable’, what do we learn about ourselves? 

Featured artworks:

Sensory Neuronal Network  by Rainer Dunkel & Dr. Benjamin Staude invites members of the public to interact with a multimedia representation of how the brain interprets our sensory environment. Scientifically modeled data of how the brain processes what we touch is represented through a sculpture with sound and projection images.

Brainspectives: a tale of two worlds by Kiara Freitag invites us to look at the brain through the eyes of a neuroscientist and explore how shifting the angle of view gives you a completely different perspective on what to discover within our brain.

You and I, You and Me by Mindaugas Gapševičius & Maria Safronova Wahlström (in collaboration with jewellery designer Helga Mogensen and shoe designer Leon Crayfish) uses neurotech-integrated wearables to open new channels by which we can perceive and understand our environment. They ask “Are we humans ready to look inward into the grey matter of our biological selves as well as to truly explore the depths of all matter before us?”

Flares in Fog by Geinene Carson lets us relate to experiencing “foggy brain” like those suffering with chronic neurological conditions. What does it take to dispel the fog and restore the right channels for processing and living? We must invoke hopeful, harmonious rhythms that not only efficiently function, but are determined to work towards more purposeful being.

Balance by Paula Muhr draws on the late-nineteenth-century neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot’s image-based medical research into hysterical paralysis. This mysterious symptom, currently referred to as functional paralysis, entails the loss of sensory and motor function that cannot be explained by organic damage.

Also featuring a screening of REAFFERENCE. We become aware of the hidden foundations of our conscious experience, by a visual scene under direct control of the complicated patterns of electrophysiological activity that constitute those same foundations.

2G+ Event. Free entry / kostenloser Eintritt.
Limited entry on the door / begrenzte Karten am Eintritt

Time Slot Reservierung

EDGE is a Berlin-based e.V. blurring the borders between Art and Neuroscience.
EDGE ist ein Berlin-basierter e.V. zur Verbindung von Kunst und Neurowissenschaft

Exhibition funded by / Austellung gefördert mit:
DANA Brain Awareness Week.2021 Grant, distributed by FENS

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