Collective Neurogenesis: neuronal sculptures with knitting and crochet

If you are curious to know what EDGE West (our NRW branch) has been up to, have a look at Collective Neurogenesis!

Neuronal sculptures on a table

Collective Neurogenesis is a community art and science project in Bad Godesberg. We use textile art techniques like knitting and crochet to make sculptures representing neurons. The first phase of this project started in August 2023 right after the NeuroArt workshop that we hosted at the Salon 53177 (Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn). Collective Neurogenesis has a weekly workshop format. Gatherings are organized in collaboration with local organizations like neighborhood associations and institutions that provide space/ rooms free of charge. The art materials, mainly yarn and recycled textiles, come from donations and are provided free of charge to anyone who wants to contribute to the project mission. The participants donate the sculptures to the project collection. As a final nod to the huge community effort, all sculptures will be integrated into a large-scale textile art installation in 2027.

The space for the installation in Bad Godesberg was provided by the Stadt Bonn. The main brain behind this project is textile artist Nemikafe who coordinates and guides the workshops. Right now, phase 3 has already started in collaboration with the Max-Planck-Institute for Neurobiology and Behavior (Link:

For anyone wanting to learn about textile arts, this is for you!