EDGE at Berlin Science Week 2023!

We can’t believe a month has already passed since Berlin Science Week (BSW)! We were thrilled to be part of this year’s program and are incredibly grateful for the whole team over at BSW for this amazing collaboration. Of course we want to thank all of you, the participants, volunteers and organizers who made this week so special!

We kicked off EDGE’s BSW with our NeuroArt workshop on Saturday, Nov 4th, where we learned a lot about the brain, neuroscience, and neuroscientific methods through artistic practices. Led by our EDGE members Dimitra Mazaraki and Anna Kanitz, participants were invited to create a piece of visual art inspired by a neuroscientific topic that they chose for themselves. Again we want to thank Eye Square Berlin for sponsoring us by lending us their Kunsthalle, we are truly grateful for this collaboration. If you want to read more about this collaboration, you can head over to the interview that one of our founding members, Tatiana, did with them.

In our NeuroArt workshop, we learned about topics such as EEG, MRI, famous case studies, neuroanatomy and neurological diseases. The results of this workshop truly show how diverse and multifaceted neuroscience and our brain are, and how easy it is to approach such a seemingly complex topic like neuroscience through rather intuitive and artistic expression. Neuroscience does not have to be all numbers and graphs (maybe sometimes it has to be…), it can be beautiful and easy to grasp, too! If you missed the workshop or want to attend it again, stay tuned, we are already working on making it happen in 2024!

If you want to have a look at all the amazing pieces that were created, be sure to step by our upcoming exhibition for CTM Festival, The Ágape, where the pieces will be presented along with the works from our ongoing Sensoriality series.

Photos of the NeuroArt workshop during Berlin Science Week by Ulrike Mühlhaus.

For EDGE, BSW continued on Sunday with the Art and Science Fair at Holzmarkt in Berlin. At the fair, EDGE and its members exhibited their beautiful and educational works of Neuroart to a broad audience, and we are still in awe with all the lovely people that came to our booth to have a chat with us about everything neuroscience and art. We also want to thank all the artists of the EDGE community for donating their works to us so that all the sales directly supported our community. More about this in an upcoming post!

If you missed our BSW activities, don’t be sad, we will for sure be back next year. We are so happy to have been a part of this and are super looking forward to next year! It is an honour for us to publicly do what EDGE is all about: talk about neuroscience and art and blur the edges between the two. And if you cannot get enough of us, have an eye on the upcoming events and exhibitions! Until then, fellow art-science enthusiasts, keep creating with your wonderful brains!