You are warmly welcomed to join us at the BERLIN SCIENCE WEEK to embark on a captivating adventure, where the realms of art and neuroscience converge in a spectacular display of human curiosity. This year, we dare you to know, to explore, and to be enthralled by the uncharted territories where intellect and creativity collide. 

© Enya Weidner

Workshop | November 4th, 2023

Discovering the brain through artistic practice | Location: Eye Square (Entrance B, Kunsthalle, Schlesische Str. 29/30, 10997 Berlin).

“Discovering the brain through artistic practice” is a one-day workshop that delves deep into the enchanting world of neuroscience and its fascinating methods, all through the lens of artistry. In a world buzzing with discussions about – the intersection of AI, neuroscience, and human cognition – we invite you to uncover the magic and the science behind it all. Together, we will journey through the history, methodologies, and practical applications of neuroscience, using the power of art to make this complex field inclusive and more accessible. 

Art Fair | November 5th, 2023

EDGE artists at the Berlin Science Week Art Fair | Location: Forum, Holzmarktstrasse 25, 10243 Berlin. 

Come hangout with us at the Berlin Science Week Art Fair and meet our neuro-artists who will be showcasing their inspiring artworks. Let’s blur the disciplinary boundaries and let the dynamic interplay between art and neuroscience be our guide. You can also collect the neuro-science inspired artworks from the EDGE booth. 

© Rommy González Mella

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