Sensoriality 2022

a 5-Part Workshop Series

About the Series:

Aiming to bridge the artistic community, the neuroscientists, and the general public, EDGE e.V. in collaboration with the MIND Foundation proposed a series of workshops titled Sensoriality: an Immersive Approach to Art and Neuroscience through our Senses.

In this series, artists and neuroscientists made a joint effort to unfold the complexity of our sensory perceptions while at the same time trying to stimulate them. Therefore, artistic references and the artistic practice itself, together with the scientific research and its divulgation are the essential tools offered in this series.


1st Session: ( 22nd of January) (16.00 -19.00) The senses and the body
2nd Session (5th of February) (16.00 -19.00) Proprioception
3rd Session (19th of February) (16.00 -19.00) Somatosensory perception
4th Session (19th of March) (16.00 -19.00) Visual Perception
5th Session (30th of April) (16.00 -19.00) Auditory Perception and Ágape

For more details of the individual sessions, see below.

Past Sessions

Session 1: Senses and The Body

Date: 22nd of January 2022

Time: 16.00-19.00

Location: MIND conference room (Boxhagener Str. 82a, 10245 Berlin) 

In case of lockdown meeting online

Maximum Number of Participants: 25


  • Neuroscience: Wolf-Julian Neumann 
  • Art: Julia Schneider/ Eliana Araque

In this opening session of SENSORIALITY we seek to offer you a fresh starting point from the neuroscientific perspective, where you will find a new way of perceiving art and exercising your own creative skills.
We aim to bring you close to the great challenge science is facing: to unravel and isolate the different circuits we have in our bodies to build a sense of reality and to navigate the world we live in.

With the support of our first guest Wolf-Julian Neumann, a scientist researching movement disorders, neurophysiology, and deep brain stimulation, we will introduce you to the world of brain stimulation where borders between illusions and sensory perception in the visual and auditory domains are blurring.

Together with the artists Eliana Araque and Julia Schneider you will have the chance to appreciate different pieces of art and will be tutored in the creation of your own artistic pieces. We will briefly address the intriguing phenomenon of synaesthesia and its relevance in art, as a way to welcome inclusiveness and the richness of complexity in human nature.

Breathwork/ Synesthesia and Movement/ Audiovisual Art and Artifact creation. Please wear comfortable clothes.

Session 2: Proprioception

Dat: 5th of February 2022

Time: 16.00-19.00

Location: MIND conference room (Boxhagener Str. 82a, 10245 Berlin) 

In case of lockdown meeting online

Maximum Number of Participants: 25


  • Neuroscience: Corinna Kühnapfel // Ian Erik Stewart
  • Art: Julia Schneider/ Eliana Araque

Also known as the secret 6th sense and often referred to as kinaesthesia, proprioception describes the sense of self-movement and body position.

How do we perceive the world? How do we draw the borders between the inner and the outer? What is the difference between Self- touch and the touch of a stranger? Which role do space and movement as well as the altered states of positioning and touch play in the assessment of our senses?

Session 3: Somatosensation

Date: 19th of February 2022

Time: 16.00-19.00

Location: Mojo Studios, Donaustrasse 16, 12043, Berlin

In case of lockdown meeting online

Maximum Number of Participants: 25


  • Neuroscience: Dr. Fred Schwaller
  • Art: Julia Schneider/ Eliana Araque


What is somatosensation? How do we sense and feel the space around us, the shapes and textures of materials? In this workshop with ceramicist Jana Francke and neuroscientist Fred Schwaller, participants will participate in a hands-on ceramics workshop which explores the importance of touch in using different clay materials and conceptualizing sculpture.

Participants will also hear about how the nervous system detects different materials and shapes, and how the sensation of touch is one of the most important senses for creativity throughout human civilization.

Extra information:

·       2G+ Please bring proof of negative test or 3x vaccinations

·       Material costs included.

·       The clays will not stain clothes, but please bring clothes that can be washed/rinsed easily and avoid wearing hand jewellery.

·       Chairs and floor cushions for sitting will be provided. We would like to ensure this event is accessible for everyone: please let us know if you need assistance with accessibility. 

Session 4: Visual Perception

Date: 19th of March 2022

Time: 16.00-19.00

Location: MIND conference room (Boxhagener Str. 82a, 10245 Berlin) 

Maximum Number of Participants: 25

Vision is another sense that has evolved to be a significantly useful tool for many living beings, especially humans.

The phenomenon of sight allows for basic survival in terms of hunting and gathering, as well as, escape from a predator or threat. Vision is also essential for our communication and navigation. In the sensoriality workshop on visual processing, we will further explore the wonders of the neurological system which helps us survive and to enjoy our rich visual environment.

We will start at a basic overview of the anatomy and functionality of the human eye, look deeper into current research on brain areas processing visual stimuli, and further cover how such information integrates with other brain areas involved in triggering physical responses, higher level of decision making, and other recollection. We hope to inspire a closer and deeper look into the saturated visual environment that surrounds you.

Session 5: Auditory Perception and Agapé

Date: 30th of April, 2022

Time: 16.00-22.00

Location: MONOM, Funkhaus Berlin, Nalepastraße 18, 12459 Berlin, Germany

Maximum Number of Participants: 130

EDGE Neuroscience & Art e.V. and MONOM presents 

In collaboration with: MIND Foundation Art Section

The AGAPÈ exhibits the produced art pieces of the Sensoriality workshop participants and the artworks of many other artists from the EDGE and MIND foundation communities. This unique curated event invites guests into the flowering citizen science community of Berlin aiming for the integration of knowledge and creativity into and beyond our bodies and minds through Sound, Art and Science.

Join us in the art gallery at 18hr where we will have a neuroscience guest speaker, Dr. Ursula Koch, talk about auditory perception. 

On this date, alongside the art exhibition, we will present four sessions made up of two immersive sonic experiences. HALO, an experimental, sound/light installation created by KLING KLANG KLONG mixed in 4DSOUND by William Russell and Kling Klang Klong. The second part will be a Psychedelic Sonic Session mixed and composed by William Russell from Monom Studios.

HALO is an experimental sound and light installation exploring our relationship to color, both from an individual and cultural perspective. The installation contrasts our collective associations to color with the most personal experience of it: the afterimages created in the eyes after light exposure. During the experience a spatial sound composition accompanies the visitors through the alternating changes between the outer and their inner light to create a contemplative, emotional experience.

The Psychedelic Sonic Session is the product of the personal exploration of Monom co- founder and creative director William Russell. Since the creation of Monom, Russell has been researching the effects of the sounds of nature and how these, when enhanced, and manipulated through sound spatialization, can affect our states of consciousness, creating both contemplative and turbulent journeys. A pure and whole body listening experience, this session will take place in total darkness to entice listeners into a deep personal voyage.

After show celebration with a DJ set by Jacob Meehan founder of Buttons and Whole Festival.