EDGE 2020 Art & Neuroscience Exhibition

EDGE is proud to present the 3rd annual exhibition of neuroscience & art in Berlin. Over 4 days we welcome the neuro-curious to this interdisciplinary showcase of the beauty of the brain.

Like last year there will be two different locations, the first a science foundation and the second a former Mint both cultural centers in their own rights.

2hr time slots have to be booked in order to comply to COVID-19 safety measures. Tickets are available here:

Tickets for Part 1 (15.10-18.10)

Tickets for Part 2 (29.10 – 01.11)

Tickets 5€ for one event, or 8€ for both. We also have available “General Admission & Art Package” ticket for 10€ available where you can support EDGE Neuroscience & Art e.V. further and in return receive 5 postcards of your choice from the artists & an event poster on site.

PART 1: The MIND Foundation 15.10 – 18.10

We are delighted to be hosted for the first part of this exhibition by the MIND Foundation.

Featured artworks by: Shahryar Khorasani, Linnea Skoglosa, Tina Ghelani, Karl Pannek, Josef Lilljegren, Diana Karlssone, Nicolas Endres, Steffen Günther, Anna Marike Kanitz, Ashley Middleton, Roxana Ardeleanu, Yaron Maiim, Christian Ebner, and more to follow!

About the MIND Foundation:
The MIND Foundation is a non-profit science and education organization that promotes psychedelic research and therapy. Their work builds on the neurobiological and psychological potential of psychedelics to improve mental health and well-being in a clinical setting; for which the scientific base is firmly growing.

Poster Art by Yaron Maïm

PART 2: Alte Münze 29.10 – 01.11

A former mint in the center of Berlin will be the location for the second part of this year’s exhibition. Different artworks will be held in each space, so be sure to check out both exhibitions with our joint ticket available on Eventbrite.

Featured artworks by: Keren Shalev, A.Braga, M.Jamshidi, T.Stephani, G.Zarubin, Sophie Mars, Shahryar Khorasani, Bahar Gözmener, Axel Cuevas Santamaría, Linda Alterwitz, Wiebke Nörenberg, Kiara Freitag, Zarko Aleksic, Virgilio Vogels, Geinene Carson, Dan Pascal, Geoff Logan, Ashley Middleton, Noor & Razan, Flaminia Celata, Andrey Kharitonov, Yaron Maiim, Tina Ghelani, Karl Pannek, Josef Lilljegren, and more to follow!

About Alte Münze:
The Alte Münze, a former mint in Berlin-Mitte on the banks of the Spree, offers space for artists and cultural workers, young Berlin creatives as well as for various event formats. The building ensemble operated by the Spreewerkstätten in one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Berlin is home to an interdisciplinary community and stands for future-oriented conversion of historical urban spaces as well as a diverse urban society in which there is solidarity between different projects with different demands and possibilities.
This exhibition will be held in Haus 3 in the Keller and Cage Room space. See you there!

About EDGE Neuroscience & Art:
We are a community dedicated to blurring the border between art and neuroscience. We want to provide a platform for making and showcasing the creative, abstract, and interdisciplinary intricacies of neuroscience through art, to generate public outreach from academia, and to support neuro-sci artists.

We host workshops on creativity and neuroscience, consult and curate events, and of course host the annual exhibition featuring artists from around the world. Read more about what we do here.

Supported by: MIND Foundation, Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience, Einstein Center Neurosciences, International Graduate Program of Medical Neurosciences.