Unlock the secrets of your senses with us in this 6-part workshop series, Sensoriality!

About the Series

In the second version of Sensoriality: Art and Neuroscience through our Senses, EDGE e.V. in collaboration with Eye Square, we guide you through the journey to unlock the secrets of your senses. 

As we navigate our world, our senses play a vital role in shaping our understanding of reality and building our own unique identities. But in today’s fast-paced, overstimulated world, it’s easy to lose touch with our senses and the wonder they bring. That’s why we’re bringing together the artistic and scientific communities to explore questions like: What are the senses really? How do they work? Can art shed light on them? And what new discoveries are being made every day about our sensory perceptions?

For more details on and photos from past sessions, see below. 

Our team of professional artists and neuroscientists is here to guide you on a journey of sensory exploration, using both artistic references and scientific research to help you unravel the complexity of your perceptions. You’ll be amazed at what you discover about your own senses, and leave with a renewed appreciation for the power of art and science to enrich our lives. 

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to expand your horizons through sensual embodiment and connect with like-minded individuals in the process!

Getting Involved

We are also actively looking for participants in the sessions both as artists, speakers, and as volunteers. Write us an email at info@edge-neuro.art with your ideas!

Past sessions

Session 1: Olfactory / Gustatory

Date: Friday, August 25th 2023

Time: 18.00-20.30

Location: Kunsthalle Eye Square, Berlin


Neuroscience: Dr. Michael Schmuker
Art: Erin Adams
Art: Carolina Boettner
Art: Valerian Blos & Gosia Lehmann

Have you ever wondered how our sense of smell works, and how it relates to the brain and the world around us? In this workshop, we explore the fascinating science behind olfactory perception and discover how it can be harnessed for creative expression and artistic practice.

Led by expert instructors in both neuroscience and art, this workshop offers an immersive experience that combines theoretical knowledge with practical application. Through an interactive lecture, demonstrations, and hands-on activities, we learn about the physiology of the sense of smell and taste, as well as the cultural and historical significance of scent in art.

Session 2: Auditory

Date: Friday, September 22nd 2023

Time: 18.30-21.00

Location: Kunsthalle Eye Square, Berlin


Neuroscience: Livia de Hoz
Art: Kling, Klang, Klong
Art: Julius Holtz

Are you ready to delve into the mesmerizing world of sound and its profound impact on our perception? In this unique workshop that delves into Auditory Perception, we bridge art and neuroscience with esteemed guests Kling Klang Klong, Julius Holtz, and Dr. Livia de Hoz. 

Auditory perception is more than just hearing – it’s the intricate process through which our brains decipher and make sense of sound waves. Our ears act as gateways, receiving sound information that is then transformed into electrical signals and transmitted to the brain. This workshop unveils the intricacies of this process, revealing how our minds decode the source, location, frequency, and intensity of sounds, ultimately crafting our conscious perception.

Session 3: Cutaneous/Somatosensory

Date: Friday, October 20th 2023

Time: 18:30-21:30

Location: Kunsthalle Eye Square, Berlin


Neuroscience: Dr. Henning M. Reimann
Art: Margherita Pevere 

Somatosensory perception is the ability of the body to sense and perceive different types of physical stimuli, such as touch, pressure, temperature, pain, and proprioception (the sense of body position and movement). This perception is mediated by the somatosensory system, which includes sensory receptors in the skin, muscles, joints, and internal organs, as well as neural pathways that transmit sensory information from these receptors to the brain. The brain then processes this information and creates a conscious perception of the sensation. Somatosensory perception is important for many everyday activities, such as sensing the texture of objects, feeling pain, and maintaining balance and coordination.

But this workshop isn’t just about science; it’s about harnessing the power of somatosensory perception for creative expression and artistic practice. Imagine using your heightened sense of touch, your intimate connection with your own body, to create art that transcends visual limits. Whether you’re an experienced artist or a curious beginner, this session will inspire and transform your approach to art!

Session 4: Proprioception/Interoception

Date: Friday, November 17th 2023

Time: 18:30-21:30

Location: Kunsthalle Eye Square, Berlin


Neuroscience: Ian Erik Stewart
Art: Mo.Ré Collective

Have you ever thought about the way you instinctively maintain your balance, reach for objects in the dark, or dance with grace? It’s all thanks to proprioception – the hidden hero of our sensory experience. In this session, we delve into the magic of proprioception!

Proprioception is the key to understanding the intricate connection between your mind and body. In this session, we explore its effects on physical awareness, balance, and coordination. Our session also explores how enhancing proprioception can lead to improved focus, problem-solving skills, and mental agility. We provide hands-on activities and experiments that allow you to fully immerse yourself in the world of proprioception.


oculus at sensoriality 2023

Oculus, led by Tatiana Lupashia & Philip De Poala, is an art installation at Burning Man 2022. Oculus has been part of the Sensoriality 2023 series since the beginning. At the photo booth, you can get your iris photographed in high resolution and have it projected onto the 9ft sphere. Oculus houses a floating trampoline to let you experience the sensation of being suspended in eye-liquid while seeing the playa through your own eye.


Last but not least, a huge shoutout to the team who brought this to life! We’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the exceptional team of organizers and volunteers behind the Sensoriality workshop series. This event showcasing thoughtful integration of interactive lectures, demonstrations, and creative activities was only possible thanks to the hard work and commitment of the amazing team:

  • Eliana Araque as Creator and Director
  • Anna Kanitz as Project Lead
  • Dimitra Mazaraki


  • Paula Ducatenzeiler 
  • Tina Ghelani
  • Alisa Wenzel