Call for Artists

at INSIGHT Conference 2023 – Bridging Therapy, Research, and Society This is an Open Call for Artists for an In-Conference Exhibition We are looking for artists who are interested in exhibiting works of all media types related to psychedelic science, research, culture, and/or the psychedelic experience at the INSIGHT conference in Berlin. About the Conference INSIGHT … Continue reading Call for Artists

Senscapes: visualising the sound of conscious states

Recently, EDGE’s Fred Schwaller spoke with Joe Barnby, director of Senscapes. Senscapes is a music and arts project that creates immersive experiences of altered conscious states. These experiences take viewers through a perceptual and evocative journey of what it feels like to be in an altered conscious state, like during a psilocybin trip. Neuroscience research … Continue reading Senscapes: visualising the sound of conscious states